Special Features

Special Features Available on Type GP 600V Class Transformers


Tierney's years of specialization in the transformer field affords the unique capability of providing the correct transformer for almost every job, whatever the requirement.


This flexibility of design and performance enables Tierney's engineering staff and production facilities to respond to the various requirements of industrial firms and consulting engineering firms with either modified standard transformer designs, or custom-designed units.


Below are listed only three of the most popular special features which Tierney has developed and perfected in response to the needs of industry and the special-application requirements of consulting engineers.




Combining lower, safe operating temperatures with modern high-temperature insulation systems, "Capacitran" units provide the user with the liberal continuous overload capacities beyond the nameplate rating of the unit.


80° C. rise design using Class 220 insulation system.




Transformers of the "Corrositran" design feature extra-thick layers of field-proven insulating varnish over the entire core and coil assembly, stainless steel external hardware, and urethane or epoxy finish over all the sheet metal enclosure parts to give the user a high degree of anti-corrosion protection.


This finish treatment adds years of life to transformers installed in the corrosive atmospheres of pulp and paper mills, and on or near docks and piers adjacent to salt water.




A premium-quality line of transformers having inherent sound levels consistently well below current ANSI standards, for installation in hospitals, offices, schools or apartments.


Each unit is individually tested before shipment, and guaranteed to have an ANSI-rated sound level of 35 dB maximum for units up to and including 300 KVA.



All information subject to change without notice.